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Press Release

Posted on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Press Release


South Holderness Internal Drainage Board, which covers an area Aldbrough to Bilton and South Eastwards, are pleased to confirm that they believe the main drains in South East Holderness are in a good state of maintenance.  This is due to the foresight of the board to enter into a Public Sector Cooperation Agreement with the Environment Agency in October 2014.


This has greatly benefitted the residents of the area by allowing the Environment Agency and the South Holderness Internal Drainage Board to work together to manage and maintain the Environment Agency’s main rivers in the Board’s area. 


This has enabled the South Holderness Internal Drainage Board, with the help of their contractors Wilkin partners and K Adds, to maintain, prior to Christmas 2015, over 100 miles of watercourses in the area, including nearly all Environment Agency watercourses.  The only exception is Burstwick Drain, which the EA is presently completing.  The Environment Agency remains responsible for the maintenance and running of all pumps and tidal doors into the River Humber.


The IDB are very happy with this arrangement, which has given the local representatives some control over both the timings and method of maintenance.


RE Ward

Clerk to the Board

South Holderness Internal Drainage Board

14th January 2016

Annual Maintenance Works

Posted on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

South Holderness Internal Drainage Board have now carried out the majority of their planned maintenance programme in the drainage areas of Preston, Burstwick, Thorngumbald, Keyingham, Ottringham, Winestead, Welwick, Skeffling and Easington.

We have also carried out weeding on Main Drains for the Environment Agency under our Public Sector Cooperation Agreements at Preston Old Fleet, Thorngumbald Drain, Keyingham Drain, Winestead Drain, Skeffling and Easington.

The Board are now carrying out scheduled desilting at Preson.

Election Advert

Posted on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

South Holderness Internal Drainage Board

Land Drainage Act 1991

The Land Drainage (Election of Drainage Boards) Amendment Regulations 1977, South Holderness Internal Drainage Board (Keyingham, Ottringham, Thorngumbald, Winestead, Preston and Skeffling Districts),


  1. that the day of the polls for the election of Members of the Drainage Board for the above-named Drainage Districts will, if a poll shall be necessary, be Tuesday 27th October 2015.

  2. The number of members of the South Holderness Internal Drainage Board is 12 (2 for each district).

  3. Each Candidate for election must be nominated in writing, and the nomination paper sent to me so that it shall be received at my office: 18 Market Place, Patrington, HU12 0RB, not later than 12 noon on Tuesday 22nd September 2015.

  4. An elector may not sign more nomination papers than there are Members to be elected for the Drainage District.

  5. Forms of Nomination may be obtained free of charge from me at my office as below.

    Dated this 8th September 2015.

    Ralph Ward (Clerk to the South Holderness Internal Drainage Board). 18 Market Place, Patrington, HU12 0RB

    NB Votes at the election of members of a Drainage Board may be given either personally or by deputy.  A deputy shall be appointed in writing by the Appointer either generally or in relation to a particular election, but he shall not be entitled to vote unless the instrument appointing him shall have been deposited at the office of the Drainage Board not later than the last day fixed for the receipt of nominations.

September 2014

Posted on Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Board is please to announce we have commenced annual weeding operations on Keyingham and Winestead Drains.

Annual Maintenance will commence shortly on Preston, Ottringham, Thorngumbald and Skeffling Drains.

The Board has made an application to the MMO for consent to carry out works in the Humber Tidal Estuary at Stone Creek.

Tidal Surge

Posted on Thursday, December 19, 2013

After the tidal surge of 5th December 2013 South Holderness Internal Drainage Board are assisting the Environment Agency together with local contractors in reinstating the river bank at Welwick prior to the next high tides forecast for 1st January 2014.  Also we were called out to the sea bank at Sand-le-Mere because of concerns about the protection there.  After consulting with the ERYC we put a machine in last week to repair the bank.

Pilot Scheme

Posted on Thursday, December 19, 2013

Work has commenced on the river maintenance Pilot Scheme at Winestead Drain.  Weeding has taken place on part of the drain, and de-silting is to commence in the new year.  Work has commenced with Contractors on stabilising the river banks adjacent to the main pumping station where tidal inundation has caused slippages.

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