Drainage Rates, Accounts and Assets

Drainage Rates 2016-2017


Sub-District   Special Levy on East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Ottringham 8p £  1938.37
Skeffling 16p £  2975.20
Thorngumbald 5p £  7602.05
Winestead 17p £  4569.66
Preson 1.4p £33258.95
Keyingham 21p £  4037.25




Accounts YE March 2014 Accounts YE March 2014 SHIDB.pdf
Accounts YE March 2015 Accounts YE March 2015 SHIDB.pdf


Notice of Conclusion of Audit


South Holderness IDB 2016 South Holderness IDB 2016.pdf




Preston New Clough
Ottringham Clough
Welwick Drain Outfall
Land adjoining Ottringham Drain
Bilton None return Valve